NOS Energy Drink Side Effects

NOS energy drinks are made of different ingredients to create energy and increase concentration. But the effect may vary from person to person. You should be aware of your serving size of NOS energy drink if you want improved concentration to be the only effect of consuming energy drinks. When you feel negative effects, the first thing you have to do is following up with your doctor.

There is no certain list of NOS energy drink side effects but those caused by overconsumption of caffeine are well-known.


The mix of sugar and caffeine stimulates your activity, but it also makes you lose sleep. Due to the quick absorption and distribution to your brain, energy drink caffeine has effect for hours after you drink it. If you want to avoid this NOS energy drink side effect, there are certain periods of time when consuming is not advisable. Mainly it is the part of day after lunchtime.

Increased Urination

Caffeine is not accumulated in our body that is why it should rapidly leave the organism. It causes more frequent urination. But the risk to waste your time in restroom is not the most dangerous. The point is that it can make you dehydrated very quickly. If you think that you have consumed to much energy drinks, don’t forget to drink more water to restore liquid balance.


It is another NOS energy drink side effect caused by the high caffeine content. It occurs when you feel rapid heartbeat or fluttering in your chest. It is usually followed by restlessness, chest pain, shortness of breath and dizziness. This effect is usually temporary if one has healthy organism.

Elevated Blood Pressure

High blood pressure itself can’t cause a significant damage to your health but it can put your body at risk for more serious illnesses. By straining your kidneys and hardening your arteries it gradually damages your heart. The researches have shown that 100 mg of caffeine per day is enough to risk one’s health. There are 260 mg of caffeine in 16 oz can of NOS energy drink. If you will consume more than 400 mg of caffeine or 750 mg of NOS energy drink in one day, it will cause more severe side effects.

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