Monster Energy Drink Facts

Monster Energy drink is very popular with those who need some extra energy: students and shift workers, athletes and working mothers, teenagers and adults. These quick pick-me-ups are quite irreplaceable for those who need a boost after a hard days work or are about to undertake any physical exertion, for example an athletic training. You can choose between Monster Lo-Cab with its reduced amount of sugar and Monster Assault which provides you with double the energy compared to the traditional drinks. Well, if your knowledge of the beverage is limited to these commonly-known things don’t worry – right now you are going to read top 5 Monster Energy drink facts. Are you ready? Let’s start.

Monster energy drink

Monster energy drink


Fact #1. Monster Energy drink, manufactured by Hansen Beverage Company, was among the pioneers of drinks marketed on a 16-ounce can. This can is twice as large as the regular bullet-sized beverage, yet the price stays the same. Though the drink was first introduced in 2002 only, now its market is on most convenience stores and supermarkets in the United States and Canada.

Fact #2. Some of Monster Energy drink ingredients do have positive effect on your health. For example, taurine may lower blood pressure and carnitine may protect against heart disease, while guarane has been associated by some scientists with increased energy, weight loss and enhanced physical performance.

Monster energy drink

Fact #3. A study taken at University of Caroline has proved that there isn’t enough sufficient evidence about the benefits of Monster drinks claimed by the company. Well, actually any research on long-terms effects of consuming energy drinks like Monster hasn’t been carried out yet.

Fact #4. Monster energy drinks contain such South American native herbs as guarana and yerba mate. Both these have long been used as a caffeine stimulant, so you can never be sure of just how much caffeine you get when you drink a typical can of this beverage.

Fact #5. Only nitrogenated water is used in the Nitrous line of Monster drinks. These nitrous oxide supplements have become very popular with body-builders. They are believed to open up blood vessels and thus allow water and nutrients to saturate the muscle tissues, increasing the effectiveness of workouts.

These were top 5 Monster energy drink facts for now. If you find more stunning facts on the beverage you are welcome to create your own list or add your facts to the already existing one.

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