Energy drinks facts

Listed below are top 5 energy drinks facts that you may not know but want to be aware of. Energy drinks are so popular nowadays that we are perfectly sure to know everything about Energy drinks facts. We try to convince our friends that Red Bull is better than Monster and that a sugar-free drink is as sweet as one with sugar, but when it comes to some more serious things we usually can’t explain why it is so.

Fact #1. Very often you simply don’t know how much caffeine you consume.

We all know that an energy drink is a beverage that contains some form of legal stimulation and/or vitamins which are meant to give consumer a short term boost in energy. The most common ingredient in it is caffeine and in most cases you can find out the amount of it in each drink on the label, though sometimes manufactures simply “forget” to state it. It’s very important Energy drinks facts, as you should know how much caffeine you consume. Furthermore, if a beverage also contains guarana, green tea extract or coffee extract then the real amount of caffeine is much bigger.

Fact #2. People can become addicted to such drinks.

Well, actually it is only half true as the only addictive part of energy drink ingredients appears to be caffeine. So if you drink enough cans, you may become addicted to caffeine and ultimately suffer from the effects of the addiction. Do not forget about these energy drinks facts.

Fact #3. The combination of alcohol and these beverages is disastrous.

Bars around the world mix vodka with energy drinks, especially Red Bull, because it has a reputation for reducing the depressant effects of alcohol, like fatigue, while enhancing the “feel good” buzz. As the result you can consume much more alcohol and your body’s ability to metabolize it can be slowed down. What is more such a combination can have an effect on your heart and even lead to death.

Energy drinks facts

Energy drinks facts

Energy drinks facts

Fact #4. No energy drinks during exercise.

This energy drinks facts is rather doubtful and many sportsmen claim it to be completely wrong, but actually the research has proved that caffeine in energy drinks promotes dehydration and so can cause dizziness and disorientation. So no wonder that some schools have already banned using such beverages before and during exercise.

Fact #5. Energy drink is not a substitute for water.

People often forget about some energy drinks facts that an energy drink should be taken only when the body needs energy. We often drink it when we are thirsty or just because we like the taste of it, which is wrong.

So, these are top 5 energy drinks facts and we hope you’ve found them if not useful than at least interesting!


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