Amp Energy Drink Side Effects

Amp Energy Drink Side Effects – Amp energy drink is just one in a line of such kind beverages. It is very popular with teenagers and young adults. Students especially like it as they need a little boost of energy from time to time. They are sure that as it doesn’t contain alcohol it is pretty safe for consuming. Although several Amp energy drinks won’t do any harm to you, research suggests that several negative side effects do appear to exist.

Caffeine Side Effects

We are used to consuming caffeine with such drinks as coffee, tea and other soft drinks, but in energy drinks it is found at even higher level. The average 8.4-oz. serving of an Amp energy drink contains 74 milligrams of caffeine. According to Mayo Clinic a possible maximum of caffeine per day is 200 mg, though the number varies from person to person. If you consume too much caffeine per day you can suffer from the following side effects – irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, panic attacks, nausea, anxiety and headaches. You may also have trouble sleeping or mood changes. When you using Amp Energy Drink Side Effects may be the same. If you suffer from mood disorders, high blood pressure, diabetes or kidney diseases or are simply highly sensitive to caffeine, then Amp may not be for you.

In Amp Energy Drink Side effects such as weight gain

It is one more Amp energy drink side effects which is caused by high-fructose corn syrup. This syrup is one of the main ingredients in all versions of Amp, except for its sugar-free versions, and being often referred to as “fruit” sugar is a common sweetener.  With each 8-oz. serving we can get up to 29 grams of sugar. The sugar can affect your weight gain and blood-sugar levels.  So, in order not to gain additional weight we suggest your monitoring Amp intake.

Appetite Changes

You are likely to experience a drop in your appetite immediately after consuming Amp. This is another bad Amp Energy Drink Side Effects. However, when the energy boost from this beverage is gone, you may feel very tired, and what is more, your appetite will increase because the brain will send hunger signals to the body. To prevent such yo-yo appetite effects you are to monitor your appetite.

Dehydration and Increased Thirst

Amp Energy Drink Side Effects

Feeling thirsty is another Amp energy drink side effects.  Beside the sensation of thirst you can also experience a very dry mouth. This happens because such beverages are no substitute for water; they do not help to keep your body hydrated.

Amp Energy Drink Side Effects

Now when you are fully aware of Amp energy drink side effects it is up to you whether to consume it and in what amounts.

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